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Test Teachers Licensing (Georgia Residents)

We at Wynn Network Associates (WNA) are excited about you becoming a part of our team!! The information below will assist with the Georgia licensing process:

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Test Teachers Licensing (Outside of Georgia)

Are you interested in becoming an insurance agent, but live outside of the state of Georgia? Wynn Network Associates (WNA) is only a phone call or e-mail away and will be happy to help you through the process. Here’s what you need to get started with your Department of Insurance licensing process:

    • Register for the pre-licensing course:
      • Put in your manager’s name
      • Complete all appropriate sections (Step #1-5)
      • Confirm your WNA discount
      • Finalize and confirm your order
    • Complete the pre-licensing course (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome only!!!)
    • Contact your local Department of Insurance:
      • Find a testing site
      • Schedule an appointment to take your state exam
      • Pay the required fees
    • Take the test
    • Pass the test
    • Wait 48-72 hours and then call your local Department of Insurance to request your National Producer Number (NPN)
    • Notify your manager when you have received your NPN so that you can complete WNA paperwork and carrier contracting

Wynn Network Associates - Insurance Agents - Get Licensed - Fast Trac To LicenseWynn Network Associates: Fast Trac To License

What is “Fast Trac To License” about? Wynn Network Associates (WNA) shares the excitement with you about becoming a licensed agent!! If you are in the Georgia area, our dedicated staff members will be happy to help ”fast track” you through your pre-licensing process so that you can have a better chance of passing the state exam the first time. Please be advised that our spaces are limited for our “Fast Trac To License” program. Book your appointment today!!