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Take a Look at Some of Our Plans

Here are some of the Affordable Health Care (Obamacare) plans that we have been able to find for our clients. Of course, each scenario is different. To see what Wynn Network Associates can do for you, please click the ``Get Covered`` button below or call 1-855-976-2272 today!!

Scenario #1

Lisa Parker
  • GenderFemale
  • Age32
  • Smoking StatusNon-Smoker
  • Annual Income12,000
  • Household Size1
  • Dependents0

Scenario #2

The Harris Family
  • GenderMale + Female
  • Age10 to 32
  • Smoking StatusNon-Smoker
  • Annual Income22,000
  • Household Size3
  • Dependents2

Scenario #3

The Smith Family
  • GenderMale + Female
  • Age19 to 48
  • Smoking StatusNon-Smoker
  • Annual Income50,000
  • Household Size6
  • Dependents4

Let Wynn Network Associates shop around for you to help find the best insurance plans that fits your budget! Call 1-855-976-2262 today!!